Play Therapy with Sara Cantu - Helping you build the relationship with your child that you desire

Congratulations for taking an initial interest in therapy!

Recognizing and admitting you could use guidance is the first and most significant step. Families are facing greater difficulties and struggles to stay connected and healthy, and sometimes having help along the way forever changes the climate of your family.

Our world is constantly changing and requires adaptation and adjustment. Children are expected to process conflicting and confusing messages, and often suffer from behavioral issues as a result. Children are also affected by divorce, remarriage, death or life changes that can be overwhelming to handle without appropriate interventions.

Why Play Therapy?

Play Therapy provides a safe and healthy place to work through confusion, anxiety, anger, grief, and many other common childhood emotions. In their own way and time during therapy, children emerge resilient and resourceful with better coping skills and a healthy world view. Learn more about our Child Therapy Services.

I commend you for wanting to make a difference in the life of your family, and thank you for considering me to help you in the process. I encourage you to imagine the best your family could be and believe that we can make that happen together!